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Command Stations

Content Rocrail Server Configuration

Menu location: Rocview→File→Rocrail Properties

Rocrail Controller Tab

  • The list cannot be sorted because it must show the actual order.
  • A double click on a controller line will open the properties dialog.

All text fields which are marked with a @ can open the @Box by a single click on its label if the text field is not empty.
The text field contents will be used to do a find.

:!: A restart of the server is required in order the changes to take effect!

Add a new CS


Select from the combobox the wanted Commands Station(s) type and push the Add button. The new added Commands Station is listed now with the IID NEW. Select the NEW Commands Station in the list and click on Properties for setting up the details and a 'speaking' IID.

Following libraries are available: Command Stations.

Modify the selected CS

Ignore power commands

This option prevent sending sub sequential Power OFF/ON commands.
Supported Command Stations:

  • LocoNet
  • DCC232
  • Virtual
  • Z21

Ignore power off commands on ghost

In case there are more then one Command Stations defined this option can be used to ignore a Power Off on Ghost.


Set the selected Command Station (temporary) in virtual mode.
A Server restart is needed.
If this option is enabled, the virtual CS library will be used instead of the library defined in the properties.

Swap Gates

Swap the gate for switch and output commands.
Supported CS:

  • DCC++
  • Z21 (2.1.802+)


Before a Commands Station can be deleted it must be selected from the list.
The pre-installed should be deleted to make sure the new added one works correctly.


The properties dialog is Commands Station type dependent and is described in the Command Stations section.

Attention: Some CS use the same dialog, so is it possible that options are included, that are not available to all CS.
Which is described in chapter of the individual Command Stations.


Push the selected Command Station on top to make it the default.


Take over the Interface ID, the Description and the Ignore power commands option for the selected CS.

Global CS Options

Power Off On Exit

Default the CS is commanded to power off the tracks on exit.
Uncheck this option if this is not wanted.

Power On At Init

Turn global power on after initialising the CS.

Shutdown On Exit

Some Command Stations support a shutdown command like:

  • ESU Ecos
  • Rocnet RocNetNode


This is a "Dead man's switch" in case the connection between Command Station and Rocrail will fail during a session.
A block pulse will be send to the defined decoder output.
Special Hardware and Firmware are needed for this decoder output to check this pulse, and drop down a relay, after a timeout, controlling the global rail power.


If set > zero the Watchdog will be activated.
Smaller values than 500ms will be set to 500ms.
At every interval timer the output will be alternated between ON and OFF.

Supported Command Stations

  • Z21
  • LocoNet
  • Massoth
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