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Common dialog controls


Many Rocview dialogs contain common dialog buttons.
Not all dialogs contain all of these buttons.
The order and appearance of the buttons may vary depending on the underlying operating system.

[ < ] and [ > ]

Alternative Key combination [Ctrl]+[ < ] and [Ctrl]+[ > ] (On macos with [Command] key)

In object dialogs, the previous or subsequent entry of the object list is changed from the 'Overview'.
The previous selected object will be saved. (Auto Apply)

[ </> ]

Opens the XML-Editor with the data for the set object from the XML file. (Track plan, etc.)

[ + ]

Opens a Dialog to bookmark the selected object type, ID, and tab.

[ ABC ]

[ OK ]

Saves entries made in the dialog and closes the dialog.

[ Cancel ]

Discards inputs made in the dialog and closes the dialog.

[ Apply ]

Saves entries made in the dialog. The dialog remains open.

[ Help ]

Aktivate the Rocview-Dialog-Help.

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