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AUI Plan Layout


AUI, Advanced User Interface, is part of the class library wxWidgets1).
This makes it possible to position and resize plan panels over the desktop to meet the point of view in which the display with Rocview resides.


  • Platform independent; Works on macOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Save and load perspectives; Rotation and scaling are saved and reloaded.
  • Modular layout support.
  • Scale to fit uses individual factors for each plan panel.
  • With Command line option -persp <filename> it is possible to create Rocview shortcuts for different views.

How to

This example has two levels:

Switch to the Docking view in the Rocview General Properties:

Restart Rocview

After a restart of Rocview, the two levels are shown as floating panels:

Reposition and resize the panels:

Reposition and rotate the panels by 180°:

Reposition and dock one panel:

The last perspective will be saved in the rocview.ini.

If the layout has more then one Display with Rocview, the perspective can be saved and reloaded at any time on any Rocview.

  • The saved perspective in the rocview.ini does not save scaling and rotation.
  • If scaling and rotation should be saved, the "Save perspective" option must be used.

Note: The scroll bars will disappear if the plan fits in the panel size.

This library is used for Rocview
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