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Block Trip by Signals


A Block Trip by main signals will reserve all needed routes for the trip, and makes the trip visible.


  • The main signals must be added to the Block Properties.
  • The main signals must be set to None Operable.
  • The blocks used in the trip must have a direct route from one to another.
  • The locomotive is placed in the correct direction.
  • Each main signal is used only one time at a maximum.
  • The permissions of the locomotive will not be checked during a block trip.

Define a Trip

  1. Click on the main signal of the block, which the locomotive occupies, on the wanted depart side. (Start of the Trip.)
  2. Click on the main signal of the next block on the wanted depart side; the route between the two blocks will be reserved.
  3. And so on until the last block has been added to the trip.
  4. Start the locomotive in (virtual) automatic mode.
  5. The locomotive will run the whole trip and stops in the last block of the trip.

Block Trip Simple Plan

This is a simple plan for learning the basic handling of a Block Trip.

The corresponding workspace can be found here:

Block Trip Complex Plan

This is a complex plan with a virtual block and loops. Remember to use only the exit signals of a block to define the Block Trip.
Press the Init button to reset everything.

The corresponding workspace can be found here:

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