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Guest Loco


  • Guest Loco

Menu→Control→Guest loco


A guest loco is a temporary created loco object which will be deleted at server shutdown.
The given address is used as Loco ID if the short ID is left empty.
The guest loco will appear in the loco table and can be controlled as a normal loco.

Default Settings

  • 128 Speed steps.
  • Protocol is DCC but depends on the connected Command Station.

Loco Tab

The new Guest Loco is automatically added to the list.

Server messages

Adding a Guest

If no loco exists with the given address a guest loco is generated:

OModel   2240 generating a loco for addres [1002]
OModel   0613 adding lc 1002...

Removing a Guest

At shutdown the guest locos are first removed from the loco list before the plan.xml is saved:

OModel   2068 removing: 1002

Keeping a guest or generated loco

Open the Loco properties and click on the Apply button to permanently keep a guest loco.
(The generated flag will be removed.)

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