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Route Index


Manually creating a route is considerably simplified if the feature "Record a route" of the Command recorder will used.


A new route "NEW" is created. Using "General" tab, the name can be changed.


Another dialog will opened and there more routes can be selected.
After click on OK and an Security question all selected routes will be deleted.


Test the switch commands of the selected route.

Note that switch commands cannot be executed if the route - and consequently the switch(es) - is/are locked. Therefore 'Test' in case of a locked route tests for correctly locked switches. In this case the switches show no reaction.


Lock an existing route.
Can also be used to check the route representation of tracks, switches, etc. in the route.

Note: Use Reset (see below) to release the lock.


Reset this route in case it was locked or closed by the wheel counter.


A list is prepared of all "defined routes", as a Web page and displayed using the default browser.


Copy the selected Route and add it to the list with the same ID suffixed with "(copy)".
:!: After the copy has been made the new Route must be selected, renamed and applied.

Remove auto generate flags

After a click on this Button, and confirming a Security request, the as generated marked routes will be set to not generated.
The Router won't touch routes which are not marked as generated; Route user modifications will not be lost after an Router re-run.
This action cannot be undone.

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