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ScheduleDialog Follow-up Tab.


Follow-up schedules are executed (after completion of repetitions - recycle) on reaching the last destination of the original schedule.
The first block of the follow-up schedule has to be the same as the last block of the original schedule.

Note: The train always stops at the end of a schedule.


The Follow-up schedule to use. It may be the same as the current schedule to create an endless loop.
Before the follow-up schedule starts the loc first stops in the idle mode if the Activate on enter option is not set.

Activate on enter

Activates the follow-up schedule on enter to prevent going into idle mode.
The Recycle will be disregarded.


Actions to trigger if end of schedule has been reached.
The actions are triggered:

  • at enter if the last schedule block does not has the wait option set.
  • after in and elapsed block wait time.

See Actions for more details.

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