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Schedule Diagram


The Diagram tab shows a graphical representation of the selected schedule.

Relative schedules cannot be visualised and will be skipped.

Integrated static view Dynamic view, automatically updated.

The dynamic view can be activated under: Menu → Control → Graphic timetable


The diagram is regenerated every time after the diagram tab has been selected, so all new changes will be made visible.
If the schedule has many entries the schedule dialog can be resized to make more room for the diagram.
Train numbers are shown on the start location axis.
The current time is shown as horizontal orange line.
Location labels are floating in case of scrolling, which depends on scaling.

To make this view shows usable information, all blocks should be in locations.


Scale the graphic to the height of the dialog.
If not set, the scaling factor can be selected between 1 and 5. (Scrolling will be activated.)


Show all schedules in the same group as the selected schedule.


The color to use for the selected schedule. The default color is blue.

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