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Schedules Dialog Index Tab

The index can be sorted by clicking on one of the column headers. A second click on the same header will sort in reverse order.
The selected schedule can be modified on the next tabs.

Start block

This read only field is set when the dialog is used for selecting a schedule for a train, and it is used to filter the schedules starting with this block.


Filter on groups.
After writing a group name in this field, or a starting part of it, it will be activated by the enter key in this field.
This filter value will not be saved and is only valid for the running session.
It is also used for selecting schedules for trains.


Button to activate the Filter as alternative to the enter key.

Show all

By checking this all schedules are shown without filtering on the start block.
In the example only schedule 2-1 starts in block 2.
Only the first location is used as a filter, if the block is member of more than one locations.


Copy the selected Route and add it to the list with the same ID suffixed with ”(copy)”.


Do do not select the "Stop" option in the Block → Detail → Wait section of a block. The schedule could be immediately terminated, depending on Block or Train Type.
(see Block: Wait)

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