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SensorDialog General Tab.

All text fields which are marked with a @ can open the @Box by a single click on its label if the text field is not empty.
The text field contents will be used to do a find.


The ID is used throughout the Rocrail program as Unique Key for referencing this sensor and is therefor very important.
If you change the ID you must probably also edit the defined blocks or turntables, which are using this sensor.


Free text for display only.


The predefined Decoder to which this object is connected.
This is optional and for documentation only.

Block ID

If the sensor symbol has an occupied representation it can be activated by linking the sensor to a block, sensor or output. Normally it is linked to the block which it belongs to.

Route IDs

Route IDs are for showing the locked routes using the route representation or the occ if no symbol is found.
This is a list of comma separated Route IDs without white space (blanks). If one of the IDs has become locked the route representation will be shown.
With the […] button a list of Route IDs can be selected.


Number of the Accessory Symbol in the file name:
"accessory-#-on.svg" or "accessory-#-off.svg". The # must be replaced with the accessory number.

Note: For the presentation of "trackless" sensors can be used symbol No. "4"


Timed off delay timer in 100ms units; Range = 0-20.
Default zero for normal sensor reporting.
This option depends on the Rocrail Timed sensors automatic flag.


If set greater then zero this value will be used for determining the background color of the sensor object in Rocview depending of the reported load by the CS.


Load = 200, Max.load = 500

Zero code delay

Delay events without Code set.
Default is zero, no delay, the range is from 1 to 1000ms.
This option makes it possible to wait for a second event with recognised code from a BiDi detector to avoid ghost detection in case of Accept BiDi Loco.

Tip: Use only in case of manual driven locos; This option uses extra CPU resources, and of no use if running all automatically.



Current state of the sensor; checked is on.


If this attribute is checked, the symbol for this sensor will be taken from the road theme.


Show the sensor in the trackplan. Some sensors should be not shown like all turntable sensors, or the sensors of "Block with embedded sensors". Those sensors are shown by definition of that block.

Show ID

Active (default): The sensor ID is shown in the track plan (only if the client is set to show IDs, e.g. Rocview: Show IDs).
Deactivated: The sensor ID is not shown in the plan. Can be used to disable displaying the ID for individual sensors.


Curved representation of a track sensor.

Ignore same state

If the sensor system reports the same state multiple times this option will filter out those events.
Without this option set, multiple same state events can lead to unexpected BBT behavior.


To prevent manual operation by clients.


This sensor is generated by the Server option Generate Unregistered Sensors.


See Actions for more details.
The sensor object has an occupied counter which can be used as state value in action controls. This counter is reset to zero if any action defined for this sensor was executed.

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