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SensorDialog Interface Tab.

Interface ID

If more than one command station is used, then the command station that is responsible for controlling the sensor-decoder is specified in this field. The "Interface identifier" field can remain empty if the object is connected to the first command station (first 'digint' in rocrail.ini) from the list of command stations.


:!: Use with care! The UID is case sensitive and must match, otherwise the sensor event cannot be processed and will be lost.

Alternative to the Node-ID supported by:

  • BiDiB (String: Username)
  • RocNet


The 32bit RFID number printed on the Tags. (Leading zeros can be left out.)
This can be used in combination with WIO-Drive and an ID-12LA reader.
All other addressing, like Node ID and Address, are ignored if the RFID did match. (But an additional fake address makes it possible to check the plan virtually.)
Example of the blue Tag scan:

OWIO     0885 Mobile 18 [BR218] RFID event [] [12953492]
OModel   5329 trying to match sensor event: [WIO] id=[] 0:0 uidname=[] state=0 code=BR218 regval=0 info=
OFBack   0796 fb[s18-] state=ON code=BR218 dir=0 val=0 count=5 regval[0]=0


See: Addressing


Sensors have flat addresses in Rocrail as described in chapter Addressing

Note: Generally a sensor needs an address, exceptions are virtual sensors

Address setting using the sensor-monitor

The most elegant address setting works by using the sensor-monitor or by clicking on the [ ? ] Button

  • Driving a loco around the layout every sensor event is reported in the sensor-monitor.
  • Just drag the shown address of the reported sensor with the mouse and drop it on the right sensor object in the plan.
  • With this action this address is written in the object interface definition.


:!: Only for small layouts because of performance penalty. :!:

Optional, not supported, offset variable.
The value of the variable will be added to the sensor address.
This can be of use in case of sensor systems, like S88, and modular layouts. Only for each sensor module the variable value has to be changed instead of changing all sensor addresses. (Mostly 16 per unit.)

[ ? ]

Selecting the [ ? ] activates the Sensor Monitor

Register bits

Optional for sensor type register only.
If the used Command Station does not natively support register sensor, it can be simulated with max. 8 register bits.
A register bit is just an address of a normal sensor. The register value is after every change event of one of the bits re-calculated.
The register value can be used for turntable position or action control: regval.

Short circuit

Optional cutout address for detecting a short circuit in this section.
Server message on short circuit:

20120617.082116.315 r9999E cmdr1016 OFBack   0367 Sensor [fb3b] report: SHORT CIRCUIT detected



Value Type Manufacturer Remark
0 Current sensors - Most commonly used; Can also report bi-directional information; Also for Hall Sensors when not used as wheel counters.
1 IR Lissy Uhlenbrock Can be used with the Off timer to get it unoccupied.
2 Transponding receivers Digitrax Not used; Same as type=0.
3 Barcode BarJut Not used; Same as type=0.
4 RailCom - Not used; Same as type=0.
5 RFID MERG, LDT Not used; Same as type=0.
6 Wheel counter GCA173, GCA179 and GCA141
for Hall sensors and Reed contacts.
Used for wheel or car counting.
7 GPS GamesOnTrack Using the GPS coordinates on the GPS tab.
8 Register - Can be used for Turntable position sensor.

Read Bi-Directional Communication for more information on this topic.

Register trigger

Specifies the physical quantity for which the value represented by the register bits is defined.


Active low

Sensor has the signal inverted and can be reverted with this option.


For type Wheel Counter GCA141 only! Do not use in case of software counting.
Send a reset switch command with the same address as used for this sensor on a reset counter event for GCA141.

Attention :!:: The sensor address in this case must not be the same as the one of an existing switch!


The minimal value to signal the sensor high in case of type register.


For the assignment of addresses to sensor\feedback in the track plan, there is help with Sensor Monitor

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