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This option is to synchronize the sensor with a CTC panel.
The address information is used to control a decoder output.

LocoIO does not need this option because it can link a sensor with an output: "Occupancy detection"

Interface ID

If more than one command station is used, then the command station that is responsible for controlling the switch decoder is specified in this field. The "Interface identifier" field can remain empty if the object is connected to the first command station (first 'digint' in rocrail.ini) from the list of command stations.

Node ID

See: Addressing

Address and Port

The addressing of Accessory decoders is described in A Practical Guide.


Defined the Single gate (red or green).


Normally an output command is send, but checking this option will send a switch command.


Select an Output object and the Color representation of its status "On" and "Off".

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