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Server Notes


  • Server Notes

Menu location Rocview → Help → Add note…


Make notes in a session as reminder for later.
The notes are saved in the @Box context and can be evaluated and managed in the @Box dialog.

Help Menu

  • Remark: "Add Note…" is also included as a item in the Context menus of the objects. The ID of the related object is in the dialog defaulted.

Add note dialog

Rocview andRoc

The default category is "Notes" and will be used to find notes by the Help menu "Show notes…"
Other categories must be filtered in the @Box dialog.


See: @Box

If a note is to have the status "done", this is set by activating the option "Note" + button "Modify".
The default "yellow" background of the note field is now displayed "green" for this note.

The "Note" button copy the selected note with Metadata in the clipboard:

Date : 20221014
Time : 001308
State: open

Subject: 103 123
Derailed at switch sw15
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