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Staging Block Details


These settings are except for the Arrive speed only for the last section where the train starts running in auto mode again.

See Block Details for a description of all settings.

Minimal occupied


The train in the last section may only depart if the number of trains in this staging block is more or equal to this number.


The second field is the number of sections which must be electrically occupied before the first train is allowed to leave.

Best choice

This option will help to get trains choosing this staging block instead of other blocks.
A random choice will happen if more than one available block to choose from has this option.

In event at train length

Generate the in event if the train completely fits in the staging block instead of reaching the destination section to free up the previous block.


This option can be activated for staging blocks equipped with a catenary.
If NOT set this prevents locos with engine type electric (see Locomotive Details) from using this staging block in auto mode.


Checks every x seconds if auto mode is enabled and if the head section is free and one or more trains are in the staging block to trigger compression.
Compression is normally triggered by sensor events and lock/unlock commands, but under certain conditions this is not possible and in this case the watchdog will trigger it.
The check interval in seconds can be set in the field at the right side of this option.


Pending compression timeout in seconds if set greater then zero.



The wait type for the locomotive in the last section.
Avoid using None or a very short wait time, in combination with a manual operated exit signal to prevent unnecessary data traffic.



The minimal speed is default and should be used if the sections are relative short.
Both other speed options can be used, as the initial arriving speed, if there is enough room behind the section sensor to decelerate from Vmid to V0; Use with care.
:!: Please note: Between the sections, the train always advances with the Arrive speed (Vmin, Vmid or %).
Into the last section of an Compress action and into the last section of the Staging block, a train always drives with Vmin.

Numerical selection is used by speed selection of %.

Use arrive speed to target section

This option overrules the Vmin to the last section of an Compress action and into the last section of the Staging block, and uses the arrive speed.

Vmin to first section

Lok advances with Vmin to the end of the first section, if the subsequent sections are occupied.


The depart speed of the locomotive in the last section.

Commands (Right mouse click)

Compress (move up)

  • Advance the occupying trains with the selected Arrive speed (Vmin, Vmid or %) towards the end section, to fill up gaps and make room at the start.
  • Turn on the auto mode of the train waiting in the end section if the exit state is open.

Close/Open exit

Controls the output flow, exit, of the staging block.

In/Out of Operation

Controls the input flow, enter, of the staging block.

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