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Staging Block: Example of Setup

Staging Yard Plan

This example explains how to configure a Staging Block. A Staging Block is a siding that is divided into several short sections of track. This allows Rocrail to store trains of different lengths on one track, one train after another. If the first train from the Staging Block has arrived in the next block, then the trains behind the first one, also move up one position. The following figure shows a station with 4 sidings. Each siding should be set up as Staging Block with 3 sections. Take, for example Staging Block 1 with a total track length of 3.20m. We want to set up 3 sections, each one meter in length.

Staging Block Detail

In this example we split the sections in 10cm and 90cm. (Length depends on the configuration of the rolling stock and locomotive braking curve properties). This Staging Block can now store 3 trains, each with a length of 1m, or a shorter train of 1m and a train of about 1.80 m - which then would occupy 2 sections.

Every Staging Block needs an "enter" sensor. The "enter" sensor indicates that a train has entered in the Staging Block (yellow track section). At least one "in" sensor is required per section, this indicates that a train has arrived in a section (red track sections). The sensors of the green track pieces are optional and indicates a broken-down car, left behind, etc. Thus, the minimum number of sensors equals the number of sections + "enter" sensor. In our example: 3 + 1 = 4 sensors.

Staging Yard in Rocrail

In Rocrail it might look like this track layout. On the right side of the 4 Staging Blocks the "Enter" sensors. On the left side the 4 Staging Blocks with their 3 "in" sensors (red track sections). (Currently no occupancy sensors (green 90cm-track sections) are entered. Note the different shape of a Staging Block compared to a regular Block, the arrow points in the travel direction.

Staging Block Properties

Right mouse click in the Staging Block icon (AB_1) to access the properties.

Under the "General" tab is the Enter sensor entered. In our example for AB_1, the sensor "Enter_1" is shown. The "Section Length" field is the length of the repeating sections (red track sections), here the length can remain at 30, because we specify the lengths in the individual sections. Should a section not have a specified length, then this length is used.

Staging Blocks General

Staging Block Sections

Under the tab "Sections", we create the 3 sections of this Staging Block. An identifier must be specified, with the length of the sections and the respective sensors. (Only the first one is shown in detail).

Note: The sections of a Staging Block do not have to be the same length!

Staging Blocks Sections

Staging Block Occupancy

If you want to take advantage of the occupancy sensor (green track sections) in order to detect cars left behind, then you need to add other sensors in each "Section" screen..

The occupancy sensor (for example: be_1_1) needs to be entered in the "Occupancy" sensor of the screen.

Staging Blocks Sections

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