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Rocrail offers the possibility in the context menu to place text elements in the track plan, which describe for example other elements in the plan:

After placing a text in the plan you can change the text properties by using the right mouse click on the text element and clicking on properties menu:

Display Text

Attribute Description Comment
ID A unique ID, which is used by Rocrail to address the element. This ID is usually assigned by Rocrail.
Text This attribute stores the string, which should be displayed in the track plan and can be changed here.
Image you can define the path to an image using this button, if you like to see an image in your trackplan instead of a simple text
Tip Tooltip for this element.
Point size You can change with this attribute the font size of the text. 0 (default) means the standard value of the operating system.
Color Forground color.
Background Background color. Is only shown if the attribute transparent is not set.
Orientation Default is horizontal.

The tab 'Location' is described in chapter Track diagram elements. The attribute cx is quite important for the handling of text. If a string is not completely displayed in the plan, you should increase this value until the whole string is shown in the track plan.

Display an image

If the text ends with .png the text object will try to find the matching image in the imagepath defined in the rocgui.ini.

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