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:!: Actions are not for take over the build in automatic mode. All traffic should be work without actions before defining any.

Actions are used to switch loco functions and much more.
Actions are triggered by events or by time.

With actions there are many possibilities in automatic layout control, for example:

  • playing a sound file at an exactly specified moment, e.g. church bells
  • switching street / house lights on / off according to rocrail clock
  • when a specified train arrives in station, starts a fitted announcement
  • when a steam engine arrives in depot, the coal crane starts moving
  • when a button is pushed, a schedule starts or a announcement is played back, a route is set or a train starts
  • at a specified location specified trains switch an output
  • speed restiction section only for specified locos
  • etc …

To setup an action up to three steps needed:

  1. Which actions should happen? Setup this in Action Setup
  2. What triggers the action?
    1. If an object triggers the action, this is configurated in Action Control
    2. Triggering by clock is configurated in Action Setup
  3. Which conditions prevent / provoke an action are configurated in Action Condition

Except from clock triggered actions, after setting up an action nothing happens. After state of an object has changed, it's action controller calls every action, if the according conditions are matching.

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