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Trace Filter


  • Trace filter

Menu location: Rocview→Help→Trace


With this dialog Rocrail server trace files can be loaded and filtered to find out some problems in the automatic sequence or other issues.
The traces are in English only and are only of help if the user can read them.
For novice users the Forum is the first choice looking for help.


  • Requests from server all available trace file names which are listed beside the Open button.
  • Requests from server the currently used trace file and display it.
  • Color highlighting.
  • Trace ID selection.
  • Trace level selection.
  • Object selection.
  • Free search by the Text field.
  • Real time trace tab.



Trace level Char Color
Exception E red
Warning W yellow
Automatic a green
Calculation v blue



Trace line ID. (At the moment most lines have the 9999 ID… → WIP.)
Range: …9999. An asterisk is a place holder for every number between 0…9.
After changing this value the Enter key or the Search button have to be activated.
See also: Trace IDs


Select a trace level or All.
See Color


Object type to search for.
Left empty to view all.

Type Object
OAction Action
OBlock Block
OCar Car
OFBack Sensor
OLoc Locomotive
OModel Model
OOperator Operator
OOutput Output
OPowerMan Power manager
ORoute Route
OSelTab Fiddle Yard
OSignal Signal
OStage Staging block
OSwitch Switch
OText Text
OTT Turntable or Traverser
OWeather Weather
OXmlScript XmlScript


Free text to search for. (May be left empty.)
After changing this value the Enter key or the Search button have to be activated.


Open a server trace file.
If a trace is selected in the drop down box it will be requested from the server, otherwise a file chooser dialog will be pop up to open a local trace file.
Rocview traces may also be opened in this dialog but are mostly irrelevant.


The list of available trace file names received from the server with file size and file date.
After a selection change the file will be requested from the server.


The filtered trace can be saved locally for further use like reporting it in the Forum or in combination with an Issue

Reload the selected server trace file with a new type and ID filter.


Show the processing state.


Opens this Wiki page in the default WEB browser.

Trace Header

The trace header is on top of the trace text field and looks like this:

yyyyMMDD.HHMMSS.mmm a ID l Thread   Object   Line Message
Column Description
yyyy Year
MM Month
DD Day
HH Hour
MM Minutes
SS Seconds
mmm Milliseconds
a Application code
ID Trace line ID
l Trace level
Thread Thread name
Object Object type
Line Line in the source code. This line can be found in the source file of the Object implementation.
Message The trace message.

Source line

If the object type is OLoc the corresponding source file is:


The Object source file relation can be found in:


Messages documentation


For developers to check memory usage in Rocview.
The labels on this tab are not translated.

This tab shows the use of Rocs objects in Rocview.
The Refresh button replaces the left panel with the current use and the right panel with the previous use.
Both panels are compared with each other and the lines who differ are highlighted with a red background color.
The Fix previous option will prevent replacing the contents of the right panel.

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