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Turntable Draai15


More information about the draai15 at :


The invert options are not evaluated for the d15 turntable.

The 4 position bits

Bit Address Mask
1 0 0x01
2 1 0x02
3 2 0x04
4 3 0x08
- 4 not used
- 5 not used


Go to position 5: activate address 0 and address 2.

New position flag:

Starts the turntable bridge to turn to the new position.

Reset flag:

This flag sets all bits to zero. If the turntable turns and the reset is activated, the turntable will stop on the first following position.
The reset flag is always given before a new address is loaded.

The timing

The "motor off delay" time, defined in the "interface" setup, is used as pause between the commands.
Normaly a value of 150 (milliseconds) will satisfy.

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