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Setup the addresses for the turntable if the type is set to multiport.

Rev. 2592+ expanded for MGV145

Turntable Dialog Multiport Tab.

The "red/green" commands and the reset flag are not evaluated for the multiport turntable.


The position is a 6 bit number. The lowest bit is represented by address 0, and the highest by address 5.
Address/Port 5 is optional, and is only used if greater then zero.
Switch commands are issued for the posistion addresses; turnout = 1, straight = 0.


Invert all position commands; turnout = 0, straight = 1.

New Position Flag

The turntable controller is notified with this flag after Rocrail has set the 6 bit position.
A switch command is issued for the new posistion flag addresses; turnout = 1, straight = 0.


Invert the flag; turnout = 0, straight = 1.

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