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Turntable General


Turntable Dialog General Tab.

All text fields which are marked with a @ can open the @Box by a single click on its label if the text field is not empty.
The text field contents will be used to do a find.


The ID is used through out the Rocrail program as unique key for referencing this turntable and is therefor very important.


This number is used for mapping a switch command by address to this turntable for next/previous track.
See WLANmaus for more details.


Free text for display only.

Random rate


The grid size of the turntable.
Range: 2-13
Default: 5

The size of the turntable has a impact on the capability to connect tracks, e.g.

  • Size 4 (in a grid of 4×4) supports a graphic maximum of 20 track connections

  • Size 11 (in a grid of 11×11) supports the maximum of 48 track connections

Skip track range

This option is only for turntables with a limited rotation range. (Interlocking turntables or segment tables) It will use the longer other turn direction if needed.
This range must be specified in CCW (counter-clouckwise) direction.


Manage track blocks

Revision 10328+
The turntable takes care of the routing to and from the track blocks. The Embedded Block option will be set automatically.
The Block ID must be set for every track for generating the routes. Routes must be defined manually if the block ID for a track is empty.
The blocks should be pointing with the minus side to the turntable for a correct representation.
If for a track an Opposite Track is defined a reverse route will also be generated.

All generated routes are temporary and will not be saved in the plan XML.

Note: Should these temporary routes still be saved in the plan file,
with e.g. in these routes the settings deviate from the standard permanently,
can be reached that in the Route dialog with the function Remove auto generate flags.


Embedded block

The turntable itself act like a block object and does not need an external bridge block.


Bridge speed for all directions.
Default V_min.


  • The loco Event timer is used if the bridge only features one occupancy detection.


This object can also serve as a traverser if this option is set.
The SpDrS60 must be in the list of Rocview themes.

Move bridge if target is opposite

Uncheck this option if the bridge should not rotate 180° if the new position is opposite of the current position.
Info: In automatic mode this option will be forced enabled.

Grid connection

Use the Track Grid connection coordinates.


See Actions for more details.

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