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USB to RS232 Converters

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  • USB to RS232


Some USB-RS232 converters can't handle RTS handshaking.
The rocrail.ini must be edited by hand to turn this off:

  <digint iid="roco-1" lib="roco" rtsdisabled="true" ..../>

This is a listing of working USB-RS232 devices which supports most common aspects of the RS232 hardware including handshaking.

Known working devices

Manufacturer Linux OS X Win Link lsusb Handshaking DCC232 Picture Euro
Digitus y y y Reichelt
Future Technology Devices International, Ltd
FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC
RTS/CTS positive messages
are found in the forum
Digitus 170426 ca.14

Availability and price checked in June 2023.

Connection lost

See: FAQ

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