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The Virtual CS is the default configuration when no other interface is defined.
This library prevents confronting the novice user with communication issues at first start, and is a tool for testers and developers to 'run' without damaging loco's.


  • Sensor emulation with optional timed reset.
  • Extended traces for addressing for all methods.
  • CV read generate a random number in the range of 0…255.
  • A booster statistics reset will trigger random generated values.
  • A stress runner to test the monitor messaging throughput.
  • Timed commands for resetting the switch motor output.
  • A random sensor event generator.


Don't forget to give the sensors an address, otherwise Rocrail goes wrong in the simulation mode.


For normal use no setup is needed.

Sensor reset

  • Activate the Sensor Reset option. The activation of the option simplifies tests with virtual CS; Sensors need only one click for activation and reset themselves after given sensor sleep time. A manual reset of the sensor is not necessary.
  • The sensor sleep, in ms, is used for the timing of the reset.
    The default of 200ms is very short; Recommended are the max. value 1000ms.
  • For test of manual set of route by means of outputs (example here Using outputs to set routes) the option “Reset” must be deactivated.
  • The "Start of Day" will only respond in case this option is disabled. (Only active sensors will be reported.)
A server restart is needed to activate.

Server trace example

20120827.144830.646 r9999I cmdr7000 OVirtual 0268 simulate fb addr=5 state=true
20120827.144830.654 r9999c vcs-1    OVirtual 0442 new timed command time=1903 delay=20 tick=1904
20120827.144830.845 r9999c vcs-1    OVirtual 0450 timed command
20120827.144830.845 r9999I vcs-1    OVirtual 0460 simulate fb addr=5 state=false

Field events

If the "Overrule throttle" option is set field events will be generated for speed and function commands.

Random sensor events

If the Version is set to 2 the sensor generator will be started after restart and power on.
With a power off command the generator will pause.
Sensor addresses are picked randomly.
The frequency of generating events is 1 second.

Fine tuning

The used address range is the number of sensor modules * 8. (One is used if set to zero.)
The sensor offset is added to the generated random address.
The timeout value is used as interval; Default 1000ms.

Programming Track

A random CV get value will be generated in case this option is set.
Otherwise the previous CV set value will used for CV get.


CV get values will be send twice to emulate Railcom POM decoders.


This option is for developers only In all other cases: Leave this field to zero.

Version Functionality
1 1000 random sensor events at SoD.
2 Sensor generator. (Random sensor events.)
3 Outputs are reported in MADA addressing scheme.
4 Do not echo switch and output commands.
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