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The WIOhub scans WIO's, or compatibles, connected to the USB and will communicate with those WIO's serial instead of over WiFi.
The WIOhub uses the same WIO library as the Rocrail server and can be used on another PC in the same LAN.
WIOhub will try to connect to de Rocrail Server as WIO client, and distribute commands to the USB connected WIO's and scan them for events which will be forwarded to the Rocrail server. (Gateway)

USB can be an alternative if WiFi is not wanted/possible and for none WiFi microcontrollers.


The WIOhub is a program found in the bin directory of the installer ZIP.
It depends on de library also found in this bin directory.

Command Line Options

Option Description Remark
-l <path> Path where to find the Default is '.'
-id <number> WIO ID Default is 256 and should be greater then 255
-server <hostname/ip> Rocrail server
-console Accept console commands

Console Commands

Command Description
q<enter> Shutdown the WIOhub
5<enter> Query serial devices

Start Example

./wiohub -l . -id 4711 -console

The is expected in the startup directory.

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